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Kaye Thomas



I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist  (LMFT). I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Texas State University in 2017 and then attended Abilene Christian University where I earned a Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy in 2019.  Currently, I am working to complete the requirements necessary for a Registered Play Therapist certification. 

The focus of my practice centers around couples, families, and children. However, I also work with individuals from a systemic viewpoint, which simply means that our interactions with each other have a ripple effect.  I welcome anyone struggling with communication and relationship issues, anxiety, depression, parenting concerns, issues of abuse or behavioral problems, even those simply wanting to find new perspective. 

I favor strengths based methods as well as an emphasis on understanding emotions and needs in an effort to communicate more effectively.  I believe the relationship between a therapist and client(s) should be collaborative and a safe space to define problems, set goals, and navigate solutions.  We all have individual strengths, untapped resources within, and resilience to build upon.   I strive to help my clients grow into their lasting changes and find confidence within themselves.  

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