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SAAMFT Name Change Ballot


SAAMFT would like to thank everyone who took the time to send us name change submissions. Taking into consideration some legal/technical requirements for our name we now have our list of finalists ready to be voted on. Please click on the link below to be taken to the electronic ballot and help us by voting for your favorite! The deadline to submit your vote is Friday, September 14th, 5 pm.


Why the Name Change?

This is a question brought up during our call for name submissions, and we want to make sure that we make clear the reasons and purpose of our name change and what to expect from our organization moving forward. Since its inception, SAAMFT has been a local chapter of TAMFT, and as such was required through the bylaws of both TAMFT and AAMFT to operate in specific ways. When AAMFT announced its plans to restructure it necessitated a big decision on TAMFT’s part which was to become an independent affiliate of AAMFT. TAMFT’s decision to become an Independent Affiliate meant that they would no longer oversee local chapter affairs and their official charter with SAAMFT was dissolved. With these changes, we too had to take a look at the future and what would be best for our membership moving forward. In order to continue to function as we already do the decision was clear, to become an Independent Affiliate ourselves, meaning that we are no longer considered a branch of AAMFT or TAMFT, though we do hope to maintain a friendly alliance with both organizations moving forward. This newfound independence plays a large role in why we have decided to update the name of this wonderful organization. An additional reason is our desire for a name that balances our local group culture, which is very inclusive of all mental health professionals, while remaining focused on systemic and relational therapies that historically were most identified with the MFT field. A question we receive often from non-LMFT’s is whether or not they will be welcome at our meetings and we want to make sure that moving forward our name reflects and makes clear the inclusiveness we have worked so hard to develop over the years.

Moving Forward

There are a couple of key, positive changes to come, beginning January in 2019, as a result of our status as an Independent Affiliate. Previous restrictions from AAMFT meant that only AAMFT members could be ‘members’ of SAAMFT and serve in SAAMFT leadership, while non LMFT’s were considered ‘subscribers’ and couldn’t serve in elected positions on the council. As an Independent Affiliate, we now have total control over our membership categories and we plan to create one general membership category for all licensed professionals allowing us to do away with the higher cost subscriber option; we still plan on having student membership categories available. In addition to the membership category changes, we also plan to open up the Executive Council to allow anyone interested to run and serve if elected regardless of the type of licensure they hold.

Although our name is changing, along with a few other things, the heart of our organization remains the same. We are still dedicated to providing quality, systemic oriented professional development opportunities for our members and participants. We want to make sure that anyone who has an interest in providing relational therapeutic services has a place where they can learn, grow, and feel part of a supportive community.

Should you have additional questions or would like to know more about changes occurring within AAMFT and TAMFT please feel free to email and we are happy to answer them!

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