Heather Guthrie-Hoey

MS, LMFT-S, Board Member At Large



Heather Guthrie-Hoey, MS, LMFT-Supervisor is an AAMFT Clinical Fellow Relationship Therapist passionately serving individuals, couples and families the past 25 years throughout the United States and Europe. Creating a sacred healing space incorporating a full spectrum health and wellness philosophy encompassing healing modalities clients apply immediately at home, work and in school translates to transformative, relational growth. Heather works with schools as a consultant, volunteers with UT Health Science SA Alliance translating scientific research into community mental health changes. She specializes in teens, college students, family systems, chronic illness, intimacy, blended families, and life transitions/stressors experienced by adult men and women. Nature, exercise, peaceful healing, healthy food choices, adventurous travel, Lyme Disease advocacy, academics, and sharing laughter and deep, soulful conversations with her family and dear friends replenishes her.

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