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Heather Guthrie-Hoey, Board Member at Large


Heather Guthrie-Hoey, MS, LMFT-Supervisor is an AAMFT Clinical Fellow Relationship Therapist and Health Educator passionately serving individuals, couples and families  the past 25 years throughout the United States and Europe. Creating a sacred healing space incorporating a full spectrum health and wellness philosophy encompassing healing modalities clients apply immediately at home, work and school translates to transformative, relational growth and inner healing. Heather interfaces with schools as a consultant and volunteers with UT Health Science SA Alliance translating scientific research into community mental health changes. She specializes in teens, college students, family systems, couples in conflict and organizational development. Highlighting some key areas addressed in therapy include: Management & Resolution  of Anxiety, Depression, Trauma & Suicidal Ideation, Sexual & Sensual Intimacy  Development, Blended families, Parent/Child obstacles, Asperger’s/Autism, Voice Development, Narcissistic Abuse, Infidelity, Chronic Illness, Parent Coaching, and Life Transitions/Grief experienced by adult men, women and youth. Training today’s interns into tomorrow’s well balanced, ethical therapists is about returning the gift she received  from her excellent team of supervisors spanning our nation. Heather utilizes a plethora of evidence-based psychotherapy approaches to effectively help each client help themselves as a whole and unique person utilizing a multidisciplinary approach she partners with parents and family systems plus a trusted holistic team of professionals to provide the skills, support and access needed to rebuild resilience guiding individuals, couples & families on a path to long-lasting relational and whole health living!  

Who is Heather & how does she preserve her constitution whilst serving others intentionally with solid footing? At the pinnacle is Self/Family Care & Enrichment, Healing & Connecting in Nature, yoga & exercise with colorful food choices, adventurous travel, delving into foreign and tribal cultures & languages, with a personal story & sword sparring a Global Empowerment Project for girls & women and ongoing Lyme Disease Advocacy. Learning as a student with curiosity about the relationship  equation between mindfulness, Jungian shadow work, neuroscience, family dynamics, the power & destruction of words, one’s life narrative, bio-mechanics & physical treatment modalities, and harmonizing human interactions with improved holistic health & functioning is always on her mind. Replenishing energy grows from sharing laughter and deep, soulful conversations with her family; beloved 90 year young Viennese mom, husband & best friend of 34 years, and their daughter training to be a physical therapist in Oxford & the USA, amidst always listening and learning from her dear friends & family across the globe. Equally, including instrumental challenges and humans she met at a train station in Prague, whilst riding a donkey in Greece, boarding a red double-decker bus in England, successfully facing a lifelong fear walking across a rope suspension bridge in Innsbruck whilst meeting 3 nuns from South America, and from a kind, homeless man with his beloved cat at a stop light. All these introspective interactions are what enlighten and sculpt her essence as an evolving, imperfect, loving human being; a Woman and a playful little girl, a Daughter, a Wife, a Mother, and a Healer. 

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