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Heather Guthrie-Hoey - Board Member at Large
Phone: 210.517.8461

The Approach you have to Life, Relationships and Your Body Matters
Learning how to bring emotions, movement, thinking and relationship to Self & Other into consideration and curiosity, ultimately awakens awareness, thus opening the aperture of one’s lens and broadening the scope of possibility.
"As I do the inner and exterior world(s) shift. Stepping into what is before me, now within me. I took it in as if clutching something very important. I began to relax differently in the safe presence of a balanced practitioner. I felt it deeply emanating into my whole body. No longer was I clutching, nor was my nervous system stuck in an
old feedback loop leaving me isolated and resigned. I miraculously realized my full potential and capacity, for I felt it within the Fascia and Soul of my essence." And as you do the possible or the seemingly impossible, you now have a choice who will be right beside you in this multi-layered journey.


Heather Guthrie-Hoey, MS, LMFT-Supervisor is an AAMFT Clinical Fellow Relationship Therapist and Integrative Health & Wellness Educator passionately serving communities: families, individuals and couples the past 30 years throughout the United States and Europe (bilingual in English & German). Creating a sacred,compassionate healing space incorporating a full spectrum relational, health/wellness and culturally conscious, nature-infused philosophy, encompasses functional, holistic (interconnectedness mind-body-soul), spiritually and therapeutically informed healing
modalities. Within the foundation is a shared learning process of Voice Development and Power of Breath rising from the core of every collaborative interaction.


Heather is passionate about professionally engaging with teens, college students, family systems (particularly dyad focus: mom/son/father/daughter/aunt/niece), couples/partners, adults (18-85 years old), and organizational development. She interfaces with schools as a consultant and volunteers with UT Health Science SA Alliance translating scientific research into community mental health changes as a private practitioner. Specializations spanning 30 years include: Effectively assisting with Internal conflict and loss of Self, Relational pain, Attachment struggles & confusion, Parent/Child obstacles, Blended Families, Career Metamorphosis, Deep hurt related to one’s body
and patterns of eating, Activating parasympathetic nervous system to assist with “Turbulence” (Anxiety), Trauma & Suicidal Ideation, Somatic Incongruence, Complex and Chronicity of Illness, and Caretaker Grief within diagnosis of a disease. Gentle Guidance in Sexual & Sensual Intimacy, Human Development, Sensory Sensitivities, Supporting Refugees abused in America to ensure safety and self sustainability, Race and Discrimination awareness, and Social Justice & Advocacy. Counseling encompassing Neurodiversity to include individuals meeting up with “Asperger’s/
Autism” and/or “ADHD” presentation, Finding one's internal and external voice Individuating from and within ideas & beliefs of one’s family of origin. Resolution and Re-engagement into marriage/partnership amidst Infidelity, grieving miscarriage and cultivating pregnancy and birth of a baby. Developing a “Blueprint to Recovery” within Substance Use/Abuse, physical, emotional, sexual and mental abuse, and moving beyond survival within destructive relational dynamics (emphasis in Narcissistic Abuse & Domestic Violence). Navigating the terrain of the Military Family, Solution Oriented Parent Coaching, Bariatric Surgery Psychological Preparation, “Not losing Hope” with Sports Injury, Balanced mindset within the Athlete, Effective Career Leadership in the tech world, use of hypnosis, psychodrama, biofeedback and teaching yoga and beginner’s Myofascial self treatment, where appropriate. Existential Crisis/Bereavement and Life/Loss Transitions/Milestones experienced by adult women, men, youth and individuals who are uncertain whom they are yet willing to discover in a safe, confidential setting whom they yearn to be...who they really are (how they
identify), and deciding if and how they are comfortable being with others socially, occupationally, creatively, sexually or asexually.

Mentoring today’s interns/“associates” and colleagues into tomorrow’s balanced, contemplative, ethical, integrative “guides” aka “therapists” is about returning the gift she received from her extraordinary team of supervisors and gifted colleagues spanning the world. Heather utilizes a plethora of evidence-based psychotherapeutic and somatic
informed approaches to effectively help each brave individual/couple/family help themselves as a constellation of parts equaling a whole, unique, remarkable human being/system. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach she partners with parents, family systems, schools, highly skilled colleagues and always an Eastern & Western practicing team of trusted professionals providing skills, support and access needed to explore, (re)discover and rebuild their Self (their “home”) as the resilient individual(s) they already are, yet within greater breadth and new awareness of their potential and
abilities = an unshakeable new Knowing.

Who is Heather & how does she cultivate her constitution to ensure practicing with solid footing — even when she trips and falls in life? At the pinnacle is Self/Marital/ Family Care & Enrichment, daily commitment to healing and connecting in nature, deep discernment, reverence toward the human condition within community and the cosmos, play, yoga and body movement with colorful food choices, inspiring travel and delving into international and tribal cultures and languages. Replenishing energy grows from sharing laughter, soulful conversations and creating music with her family; her beloved 92 year young Austrian mom, husband & best friend of 37 years, and their daughter, a developing nutritionist now studying to be a physiotherapist in Scotland. Listening quietly, noticing, learning over and over again whilst inquiring and applying new insights and sometimes rather painful learnings to her personhood and family,
ultimately transcending these enriching and applied insights intentionally into her practice. Leading the quest is an unfinished, colorful quilt of stories and a sword sparring Global Empowerment Project for girls & women, with a steadfast commitment to ongoing Lyme Disease Awareness, honoring and developing the voice of all ages of
children, and Whole Health Advocacy.

May I, Heather, the storyteller in this biography, impart an embracing revelation?
For I would be remiss to go without acknowledging one transformational human encounter shaping my focus, my purpose since I was a little girl growing up. Here’s the story: In today’s world from what societal mainstream refers to as a “stranger” was for my daughter and I, a beautiful gift — a fellow human being appearing before us as the ultimate teacher/Buddha/God. A simple, kind hearted, smiling red headed man, homeless with his beloved cat resting on his shoulder at a stop light in the dead heat of summer. Eyes met as we connected in conversation with car horns loudly reminding us where we a busy intersection with no regard for this sweet, struggling man who essentially could be you or I. I instantly heard and felt the call to arrive (perhaps an echo from my father, a Disabled American Veteran, and his loyal comrades (all dead now), who collectively taught me early on about arriving and being truly present with others I don’t know. Our young daughter didn’t miss the greatest lesson of life, loss, love and humanistic witnessing of another in need who didn’t ask for anything. He freely gave his bright spirit. We returned with hope and gratitude in grocery bags for him and his beloved cat, to then learn he’s dying of cancer. Such a pure, raw
introspective human interaction is what enlightens and sculpts my constitution as an evolving, imperfect, loving, curious human being; a student learning first and foremost, a Woman and a playful little girl, a Daughter, a Wife, a Mother, and a Healer.

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